Cellotape Smart Products, The United States Postal Service, Smartrac, and Qwasi join together to create the NFC (Near Field Communication) portion of the second USPS Irresistible booklet. This NFC campaign featured a two page spread that painted a picture of a drive in theatre on print then used the large movie screen as the tapping point. Once users engaged using their NFC enabled device, they were automatically taken to a video which promoted the very technology they were using. It is truly an amazing approach to spread the wonders NFC can bring to printed literature.

“What was once limited on print, is now open to the imagination by linking together the real and digital worlds.”

To help aid brands and companies in creating that bridge from the real and digital worlds, the USPS is offering incentives when companies opt for NFC enabled direct mailing campaigns. This initiative will help fuel companies to become more aware of the Internet of Things Revolution and the need for a bridge between digital-reality.

USPS trusted us to provide the full solution and get them in touch with all the right people. To find out how we made this whole process come together in fantastic fashion, contact us today!

View the experience at The USPS Irresistible Site, here.