We are thrilled to announce our involvement in the first NFC-enabled issue of Packaging Digest, working with our partners Smartrac Technology Group and Thinaire. On this issue of Packaging Digest, there is an NFC label affixed to the front cover. Upon interaction with an NFC-enabled device, the experience encourages you to take the “NFC Challenge.”  This amazing concept focuses on the increased use of NFC in product packaging. Packaging Digest looks to their readers for their thoughts on what NFC means to their company.

Take the NFC challenge today! You can access the poll via this link: Packaging Digest NFC Challenge, or by scanning their summer issue. As an incentive, there will be a Grand Prize and 10 Top Prizes awarded to eligible participants.  The poll will run through the end of October and we are thrilled to see the results!

Happy tapping!

Also feel free to read up on the digital version of Packaging Digest’s article regarding the NFC Challenge: The NFC Challenge.