QWASI Innovates the Shopper Journey for IOT enabling smart data to drive real time communication with customers.

SEPTEMBER 13, 2016
NEW YORK, September 13, 2016 – QWASI will present at the Path to Purchase Expo in Rosemont (Chicago), IL, September 21-22, 2016. Formerly known as the “Shopper Marketing Conference & Expo,” the Path to Purchase Expo is the leading conference and exposition for brand manufacturers and retailers interested in marketing to shoppers, driving retail traffic, and closing sales.

QWASI has been focusing on improving business performance through innovative solutions such as loyalty programs, digital and mobile engagement, and augmented and virtual reality to influence shopper behavior. And at this year’s P2P Expo, QWASI will work with long-time partner Cellotape Smart Products to present leading purchase initiatives using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology and CISCO Support Chat to enrich the shopper experience.

QWASI and Cellotape Smart Products joined together earlier this year to bring to life the USPS Irresistible Mail campaign, which included NFC integrated with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, was the recipient of the 2016 People’s Voice / Webby Awards.  At this year’s P2P Expo, QWASI will continue working with Cellotape to apply NFC technology in the retail industry, reshaping customers’ shopping experience and activating live Customer Support as a way to engage customers in one click to purchase shopping.

“The advancement of communication technologies has been creating new opportunities for the retailers and reshaping the retail landscape.” said Lara Hanson, Chief Innovation Officer of QWASI. “Mobile devices are key in a shoppers purchase journey, and have become one of the biggest influencers of in-store shopping behavior. Leveraging NFC technology on mobile to enhance communication and engagement is our specialty.”

“NFC is a “frictionless” technology that can be used to redefine the shopping experience by bridging the gap between the customer and the brand at the moment when the customer is standing in front of the product on the shelf.” said Tim Daly, President of Cellotape’s Smart Products division. “The brand has the ability to provide custom content that the Qwasi platform can then deliver in context for each individual shopper based upon numerous predetermined Rules: time, date, location, known user preferences, weather, language, content such as recipes, videos, coupons – special offers, product availability, sizes, mobile payments and integrating with social media.  Retailers can create a whole new frictionless shopping experience that elevates brand perception, drives customer loyalty, and increases basket size.”

With more than 3,500 attendees from top Brands in consumer product marketing, retail chains, and agencies, the Path to Purchase Expo offers an opportunity to learn about strategic executions that drive retail sales along the purchase path, both in-store, online, and via mobile.

Join QWASI and Cellotape Smart products at the Path to Purchase Expo and stop by Booth #218 to check out some of the new ways mobile is impacting the Shopper Journey.  Please refer to http://www.qwasi.com to learn more about QWASI, and click here to schedule a demo and consultation.

About Cellotape
“With over 60 years of expertise, and located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Cellotape provides incomparable capabilities in the design, production, manufacture and integration of custom identification labels, graphic overlays and of NFC and RFID enabled Smart Products,.
Cellotape Smart Products is the leader in creating products that integrate RF technologies; allowing for two–way communications between devices, product authentication, frictionless mobile engagement and access to the cloud anywhere and anytime.

Our mission is to continue to prove that “Anything is Possible” and deliver innovative and unique solutions for creative proximity, mobile marketing, and product campaigns. “

QWASI INNOVATION LABS is a SaaS company working with leading brands to innovate the customer journey using real time data. At the heart of QWASI’s offering is the desire to create remarkable customer experiences, leading to greater brand loyalty and increased revenue throughout the customer lifecycle.