Smart Dual Hangtag

Combined with both an NFC and RFID tag, brands can track and trace inventory and provide product or marketing campaigns
Cellotape Smart Products RFID & NFC Enabled Hangtag

Imagine a world without…
Inventory Cycle Counts.

Doesn’t it sound amazing?

Enhance your brand.

Provide an experience.

Do all of the above with the smartest hangtag. The Cellotape Smart Products Dual Hangtag.

Track and Trace Inventory

Save time by using automated inventory tracking. The Smart Hangtag is equipped with an RFID tag that is read by either handheld or affixed readers.

The result? An increase in inventory accuracy and a decrease in time spent in manually monitoring inventory.

Provide an Experience

Link a digital prize, product, or marketing campaign on the NFC portion of the Smart Dual Hangtag and create a unique experience for your consumers.

Studies show that consumers that have a better experience in-store will become both loyal in-store and online customers.

Track Loyalty

Pair your loyalty card with an ID Platform Management software to track relevant data about your consumer, offer incentives, or notify loyal customers about an upcoming event

Extend your reach with consumers and offer a loyalty card on the tear off portion of the Smart Dual Hangtag.

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