Durable Tags

We can increase durability on any tag for use in harsh environments

What can these be used for?

Industrial Labels

Our vast inventory of different materials and adhesives allows us to offer increased durability on any of our products with the use of higher tack adhesive and durable materials. Our experts can also guide you to choose the best combination of materials for your application.

Anti-Metal Labels

In order for your Smart Products to work on metal, we must first adhere it to an anti-metal shielding called Ferrite. We are experts in using the material and can walk you through the process.

Domed Labels

Domed labels provide extra durability in harsh environments. You can find a various number of domed decals, manufactured by us, on bus shelters, mall directories, inside Universities, outside window displays, and more. They’re extremely durable and can withstand cleaning with harsh chemicals and other environmental conditions

Kapton Labels

Using Kapton, we can protect inlays against heat. We have used this to encase tags for clothing applications with concern in having to use the dryer.

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