Cellotape Smart Products is the leader in creating NFC & RFID enabled products and labels.

Product Authentication Suite

Using RFID and NFC embedded technologies to combat product counterfeiting, non OEM replacement parts, warranty and increased product registrations. Products include: Smart labels, Product registration, Warranty information, Direct marketing channel, and Alert and trace if stolen.

Wearable Technologies

Smart tattoos, smart sensors; temperature and humidity, access control, and proof of presence. Products include: Smart sensors; temperature and humidity, Smart tattoos.

Marketing & Events

Using RF technologies to reach your customers to turbo charge your marketing efforts. Products include: Smart labels, Smart media, Smart tattoos, Permanent and temporary NFC touch points, Smart books and magazines, Smart direct mail.

Smart Spaces

Visibility, compliance, and RF sensors to provide actionable intelligence. Products include: Smart sensors; temperature and humidity and Permanent and temporary NFC touch points

Item Level Tracking and Compliance

Visibility across your supply chain, and in your own manufacturing facilities using turn-key RFID and NFC hardware systems and platforms. Products include: Smart labels, Thermo transfer labels, Extreme environment tags and enclosures, On metal tags and enclosures, Retail hang tags and On fabric washable tags.

Industrial Compliance

RF touch points for access to product manuals, product registration, replacement parts, and warranty and repair.

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