Design Consideration

At Cellotape Smart Products, we understand how difficult it is to finalize product details while keeping in mind the necessary construction elements needed to create a high-quality end product. Every product that we’ve had the opportunity to produce always requires varying specifications and below are some of the categories that can jump start the creation of your RF enabled product.

Indoor or Outdoor?

Critical for the selection of materials, inks, surface finishes and adhesive selection

Size and Shape?

Label or decal must be slightly larger than NFC inlay to guarantee proper adhesion

Environmental Conditions

Temperature and humidity limits are very important for applications to work

Encoding Data

Essential information in selection of proper NFC tag


Crucial to know where the product will be attached to in the selection and recommendation of materials and adhesives

Metal or Non-Metal Surface?

Significant when constructing complete product to work on metal

A Compelling Call to Action

Every successfull RF-enabled campaign starts with a compelling call to action. Stumped? Check with our graphics department for recommendations.

Permanent or Removable?

Is the product meant to live there forever or temporarily?

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